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          TEL: 0769-85890899
          FAX: 0769-85890899
          QQ:     445262822
          貿易通: dgzehong99

          Company Address: Dongguan Luen wanjiang Kau Beach Road (Kau United sluice beside)


            About As
          Integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and marketing into one, Dongguan Zeguan Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing all kinds of metal pipes and tubes, metal rods and cutting apparatus for profiled bars. With characteristics of accurate cutting angle, smooth cutting section, burr-free and high efficiency, the sawing machines we produced are widely used to saw stainless steel, aluminum profile, copper, steel, hard plastic and carbon fiber and so on, especially suitable for precise sawing of various hardware and profiles such as exquisite aluminum frames (air outlet of air conditioner, light box, aluminum windows, photo frames, picture frames, display cases and cabinet binding etc.), aluminum electronic components (cooling fin, sound panel, video card, network card, CPU, hard pan, MP3 aluminum case, MP4 aluminum case, U disk aluminum case and mobile case etc.), extruded aluminum, PVC profile, metal furniture, air conditioner, lightings, sanitary wares, kitchens, ginghams, storage racks, assembly lines, sports apparatus, transportation equipments and hardware dies etc. We have been in persistent pursuit of business reputation of trusty, standardization and service with our advanced technology, professional talents and complete after-sales service. Welcome to our factory for business!
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