"I have arthritis in both of my hands.  I was aware of the benefits of acupuncture from my fertility treatments and early pregnancy care several years ago.  When the pain in my hands became a daily occurrence 18 months ago, I asked for Nikki’s help in keeping the pain to a minimum and not becoming dependent on daily medications.


Her care has worked and the pain from my arthritis is greatly minimized.  I see her every three to four weeks.  Each visit we discuss how my hands are doing, environmental triggers to my arthritis, and other areas of my life that may be impacted from my arthritis.  Nikki has been great in providing alternatives to pain medications and giving ideas of reducing the pain in my hands.  In her care I feel well taken care of, since we look at all the impacts of arthritis, pain and stress in my life." - T.A.

"I met Nikki through the recommendation of Swedish Cancer Institute’s Northwest Natural Health Specialty Care Clinic.  I was about to start chemotherapy for breast cancer and had family and friends encourage me to try acupuncture during chemo for the side effects.  I waited and debated about trying acupuncture until right up to my first chemo appointment.  Nikki got me in right away and was ready with a game plan to get me through the next 4 months.


Her plan worked, my side effects were greatly minimized.  Each week she went over how I was feeling and had suggestions not only for what to do at my appointment but other things to try outside of acupuncture.  I felt well taken care of and supported both physically and mentally.


Thank you Nikki for getting me through probably the worst time of my life.  My family thanks you too!" - K.K.



"I started going to Nikki for prenatal acupuncture at 29 weeks. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and thought she could help. She did!  I never had to take medications to control it and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I saw Nikki once a week until 40 weeks along, as she was also helping to prep my body to go into labor so I wouldn't need to be induced. I delivered 4 days after my due date with the help of these treatments. I would highly recommend Nikki, she has a really great calming and peaceful energy about her. I plan on seeing her for postpartum treatments as well ~ thank you, Nikki!" S.C.

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